Two year anniversary of this blog

After two years, I have decided to put this blog on hold. It has been fun to do, but for a number of reasons it is now time to put it on…..pause.

There is no question, I have enjoyed writing articles and expressing opinions on this blog. It has allowed me to explore my own thinking about watch collecting and also evaluate the process of watch collecting and how it fits into my life.

From a very early age, watches have been important to me. But I am not an accumulator of watches just for the sake of it. Each watch needs to reflect something of importance. Over the years, my collection grew unwieldy and in a direction that left me wondering what I was hoping to achieve. Over the last few years, I have been correcting that. My collection has become slimmer. Out have gone a bunch of Rolex and JLC that meant very little to me. My Patek Philippe collection, on the other hand, has continued to grow.

Over the coming years, I expect it will likely grow further. However, life has expanded in some new and interesting directions. So much so, in fact, that I have found it somewhat of a struggle to motivate myself to write watch articles. That struggle has almost certainly reflected itself in the more recent articles. No doubt, I will come back to this blog when my enthusiasm for watch journalism returns. It will, most likely return, but until then, it is my intention to put this blog on pause. Until then…..