About Club Patek

Thanks for joining me!

The decision to start a Blog dedicated to Patek Philippe resulted from my desire to look at the brand from the perspective of a collector. I have collected watches for well over 30 years, starting with Jaeger LeCoultre, then Rolex and for the last 15 years, specifically Patek Philippe.

Club Patek is an independent, non-profit-making site. No sponsorship is sought from any source. All costs associated with running this blog will be absorbed by me. Unlike many blogs, there is no commercial angle to this site. Nor will there be any shilling. Rather, it is aimed at fellow Patek Philippe enthusiasts. There is also no link between myself and Patek Philippe…..other than the fact that I do buy their watches! Should this blog ever raise revenues, every single dollar and dime will be donated to designated charities.

I have fairly distinct views regarding what I like about watches and also what I don’t like. I will express those opinions in a way that recognises my own personal proclivities and tastes without denigrating the taste of others. However, out of necessity, the opinions reflected here will be biased by my own personal taste and views. The aim is to deliver independent and objective views about Patek Philippe watches. Hopefully it will be thought-provoking too.

Future GTGs and organised events will take place. To receive updated articles and information regarding Club Patek events, please register your email, which is situated in the lefthand sidebar of the Homepage or at the bottom of this page.

I hope that sets out some of the objectives behind this blog. And I hope it leads to some interesting articles that generate plenty to think about. If it does that, then it will have achieved its aim.